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CMS User Blocker

Setting up times for the User Blocker Instructions

Log in to your website and navigate to the dashboard/admin view (Black and grey panels).

In the left hand panel will be a new label for User Blocker, click on this and wait for screen to refresh. The new screen should look like the example here: (click on image for larger view).

User Blocker

All the subscribers should be in the list already. Note: Admins cannot be blocked.

1. Find the User in the list (username and name).
2. Along the row is a pencil icon for Editing. An orange eye means they are already set up for blocking and the message shown when blocked is displayed in the next column.
3. Clicking on the pencil will populate the times on the Block Time table. Edit or Add to this by clicking in the top input box for From time and below for To time. Add to each day as required and leave blank for unblocked days.
4. Scroll down and fill in/paste Message that will display on the log in screen when blocked.
5. Lastly click Block User button at bottom of screen to save.

Note: Not sure if Apply to All works properly so it could be best to fill in each user separately.

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Updated Feb 2018

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