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Digital Website Design and Development

At Fivepilchard the “design” is one of the most important parts of whole process. If this isn’t correct then the result will probably not be that satisfactory either.


Initial design wireframes

Initial design wireframes

First of all we spend time working out the brief with you, as you know your business better than anyone. With an understanding of your business, we’re in a much better position to create a website that will sell your product or services to others.

Fivepilchard - Photoshop visuals

Photoshop visuals

Then we work out ideas and designs that are mocked up into life-size accurate visuals for you to see. These are great for seeing the overall design and getting a feel of the visual presentation. To get a feel for the interactive experience we need to create a real demo site in the next stage.

Next stage, when the design is approved, we start building a working live version of the website for you to see. The very brilliant thing about websites is that it can be developed while you view it, this way you can see how it’s progressing and check the general feel is correct before the process is finished. It also allows you (the client) to understand the content requirement that needs to be provided to complete the pages.

Best results are obtained when the client participates in the whole process. We definitely know our side of the website making business but expectations are often more accurately controlled when everyone’s involved.

Collaboration brings a powerful pool of ideas and design taste, our job is to find the best solution for these and make it happen. But if you’d like us to innovate and present our version of events from the outset, then we’re happy to do that too.

Fortunately, we’re never short of good ideas…

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