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A design ethos

Leading us to a design path, which is simply a desired ethos for designing. We won’t be the first to utter the Mies van der Rohe’s profound words “Less is more”, credit to this influential architectural master for the insight.

In a complex world like ours where people don’t have time to think, referencing Mr Krug this time, and those busy people certainly don’t have the patience to puzzle things out, they want it now.

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Court House, ca. 1931-1938

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Court House, ca. 1931-1938

It’s also has to look top notch, not last year, it has to be obvious how to use it and it should also push forward ideas and methods of working. How is that ever possible?

Well, it isn’t always possible and not always successful to obtain merit across the criteria. A website for now though, should be completely usable from the first moment you clap eyes on it and then try and tick some other boxes. We aim to create websites that tick those boxes, floats the boats and contains only as many elements as absolutely necessary. We need fewer elements that can distract the user, this fluff has only one real effect and that’s to muffle the content.


Clarity is our ethos, to keep it as clear and simple as possible, at all times. When it works, it’s like fresh air, a pure note. We’re holding out for the best each time…

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