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Finally, just as all businesses are different, all websites should be too.


There is no one size fits all if you want to make your website stand out.

In order to benefit from having a professionally designed website you will need to invest time and thought into the process. You should be prepared to provide draft content within agreed timescales to allow the development to stay on track and within budget.

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The reason why most website developments fail is not because the designer/developer is at fault but because the client has not fully committed to it. This is very important to realise. A website should be a long term investment and should be worth committing to, both financially and time-wise.

Finally your website should become a tool for your business. You should be committed to having it updated regularly. Don’t just have a fancy website developed and then leave it. Having stale new stories or posts that are months or even years old is detrimental. People won’t like it and neither will search engines.

Once you get used to using your website and its CMS it shouldn’t take long to add your posts. Regular updates are great way of adding keyword rich content to your website in a legitimate fashion that search engines will like and promote your website ranking.

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