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Web marketing

Have you ever received an invoice for ‘internet services’ or ‘online directory services’ or perhaps ‘internet marketing’ that doesn’t ring any bells? You’d be surprised how many small businesses are sent demands for payments for similar services. Please take time to check their validity. Ask your website developer if you are not sure.

Fivepilchard - Directories that work for youFor example we’ve had customers being charged for directory services where we’ve checked the listings and found that there are very few entries making them almost useless and certainly not worth laying out any cash for! For example if you are a garage in Plymouth and searching the directory only returns two garages in the Plymouth area then the directory is sparse to say the least and should not be a premium service. It’s worth also searching the web for reviews on directories or the companies that charge for them. Others may well have had similar experiences.

Popular directories such as Yell.com or Google My Business are worth entering. They can help people using the directory find you but more importantly they will provide valid links to your website which will definitely help your natural search engine results ranking. Even better these directories will normally offer free listings so it just costs you a bit of time. Again your web developer should be able to help you upload images as well as textual information to make your listing look smart. Don’t forget to link back to your website!

Fivepilchard - SME and Business websitesIt should be noted that some directories allow people to make comments or requests about your services so it’s important that you provide a valid email address to your listing so that you receive notification and are able to respond accordingly. Not all comments may be totally positive but these are potentially the ones that are most important to address. A speedy polite response to an issue will bode well with others and is far better than leaving comments unanswered, even if it’s only an honest admission and apology!

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Fivepilchard on the Google search engine listing

Fivepilchard on the Google Search Engine listing