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Worldwide web Anniversary

Today, Sunday 12 March is the anniversary of Tim Berners-Lee first submitting his plan for the worldwide web, some 28 years ago.

A lot has happened since then with much progress and not all of it good, some say. The concerns now are about the amount of personal data held by the big online companies. Tracking and contextual recording can create enormously powerful profiles of individuals and how it is then used is another matter entirely.

More areas of concern are the almost impossible sifting out of the truth from what we see and hear. The worrying ease at which misinformation can be spread word wide and its speed. More recently the blatant manipulation of information for political ends. These problems have always been with us, but not quite on such a large scale and with so little effort required to perform. It is also incredible just how quickly it all gets forgotten as well, although it’s still there.

Hopefully we’ll be able to maintain some semblance of balance between the many good and bad points, so that we can continue to enjoy all of the wonderful benefits of the internet we have become accustomed to and rely on every day.

12 March 2017