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The Design path

One of our most gorgeous collaborations has been with the sensational Interior designer, Sara Colledge.

There’s no doubt about the spelling or equally the quality and precision of Sara’s work. A sumptuous combination of style and clean design has created the stunningly stylish saracolledgeinteriordesign.co.uk website. We believe this not only showcases Sara’s design skills but also hints at where Fivepilchard’s aesthetic heart lies.

Sara Colledge website by Fivepilchard

Sara Colledge website by Fivepilchard



When a design is this elegant with just the right elements to express the message and still leaving room for imagination and thought, then the message will expand beyond its own boundaries.

This is where we’d like to get to with all of our designs adjusting and accommodating for the inevitable compromises and special bespoke requirements along the way. A fairly good outlook for a very visual world we think.

Sara Colledge portfolio page

Sara Colledge portfolio page



It’s not just being simple though, more the elegance achieved through balance. If we always strive for this then we may achieve a hint of beauty in each of our designs.

This extra depth can then add attractive interest and emotion into what could be just another competing website on the very busy web. In the online world, it’s going to need every bit of help available.

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