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Brighton Art Fair Group

Tutton and Young host many shows in Brighton and London for the top artists (both local and further afield) to show and sell their exceptionally creative art and craft work. The annual shows are a gem in the art and craft calendar and are highly regarded by all of their enthusiastic visitors.

Fivepilchard was equally excited to have the opportunity to revise their web presence to adhere to current web trends for style and also function. The sites now have a new clean design and are fully responsive for different display sizes, a must for such an active site.

Created on a new platform it has a bespoke fivepilchard build with an easy to use editing setup for the content so that the task of handling the artist’s application information can be processed without grappling with a complicated CMS. So it’s good to look at, nice to use and encouragingly easy to maintain, which in our eyes is the perfect solution.

Tutton and Young are delighted with the new sites and have been very pleased to have a stylish setting on the web to showcase their talented exhibitors.

The first of many websites to go live was the Made London Marylebone event:

Made London – Marylebone
Brighton Art Fair
Made Brighton – St. Barts
Made London – Bloomsbury
Made London – Canary Wharf

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Fivepilchard - Brighton Art Fair

Brighton Art Fair

Fivepilchard - Brighton Art Fair

Brighton Art Fair

Fivepilchard - Made London Bloomsbury

Made London Bloomsbury