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NHS GP Gateway

The GP Gateway is a new document repository system for the Coventry and Rugby areas of the NHS.

he project brief was to design an online application that would store and provide a download facility for forms and documents. These would be linked from medical information pages of all the conditions covered by the CCG.

It would also have a mechanism for validating all of the documents and pages so they are up to date being indicated by a visual three stage device.

The navigation provides a filtered live search listing to browse, with two levels of refinement and the selection of multiple filters as required. Or a straight forward search with tags for non medical specific terms to be found. Cross referenced with external links and other relevant pages/documents within the system.

The system is easy to maintain and use and this was one of the main requirements, but also very powerful and with selected privacy to log in to access specific documents for download.

Fivepilchard - Coventry and Rugby NHS

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Fivepilchard - Coventry & Rugby NHS

Coventry & Rugby NHS

Fivepilchard - Coventry and Rugby NHS

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