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Sara Colledge Interior Design

Working with Sara has been a delight. We’ve tried to be equally lovely to work with… Sara chose fivepilchard because she wanted her new refreshed website to be clean and minimal, drawing a little inspiration from ideas in practice in the “land down under” and also more local.

Always ready for some research, we developed some gallery ideas to make Sara’s site special and equally minimal. The aim was to make it about her work rather than the website, a showcase of her creativity. And less is more to quote Mies van der Rohe and this quickly became the approach for the site, only putting in what was needed.

Sara was as pleased with the results as we were, now represented by a contemporary, responsive and easy to maintain online presence, this is one stylish website.

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Fivepilchard - Sara Colledge Interior Design

Sara Colledge Interior Design