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Content Management?

Does an SME or growing business need content management?

A website is a business marketing tool that you pay for once but continues to work for you around the clock. It should give your business credibility, enhance your advertising and marketing efforts and help increase your customer base and revenues. What should it contain?

Well a website is place for you to put all the relevant information about your company. It should tell people what you do, what you have to offer, what makes you unique and where you are, as well as allowing them to contact you to ask questions.

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Simple as typing text and uploading images
Additionally it should have an easy to use CMS  (Content Management System) so that it can be updated regularly. This CMS should have a simple interface with no unnecessary options and no requirement to understand any technology or syntax (like HTML) that underpins it. It should just work and be as simple as typing text and uploading images. That’s it.

Too often CMS use carries caveats where users are warned to be careful editing certain pages as they may break the underlying HTML and corrupt the page design. This should never happen. The CMS should never be a hindrance to updating websites as content management is so important.

However, having said that if you really don’t want to do it yourself then this work can be done for you and you’ll still benefit as the ease of use means content updates will take less time and therefore be much more cost effective.

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