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What Content?

Information about you or your business.
Your history. What drives you and what you aims are? i.e. your business ethos. What makes you better than the rest?

What do you do?
What services do you provide? What products do you sell? What are their benefits and what is so good about them?

Promotions and special offers.
With a CMS you have the freedom to change these at will. This is especially useful if your business experiences seasonal changes in demand.

Your business news.
What have you been doing today? What skills are you using? What successes have you had? What new products or services are being introduced? Customers and potential clients can benefit from this but also search engines add extra weight to websites with dynamic content that is regularly added or updated.

Image gallery.
If you are in creative work or make things, of fix things then there is not better way of demonstrating your capability. An image portfolio can be a useful tool increase confidence in you by demonstrating the quality of your work. You can use it yourself when pitching for new jobs to show off similar work you may done. Not only that but its another example of easy dynamic content that search engines will feed on.

Fivepilchard - SME and business websitesSocial media integration.
Millions of people connect together using social media platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram etc. Your business can benefit by having your website integrated with these so that posts made to your site are automatically propagated to your social media feeds. Your website then becomes the central hub for your social media, preventing you from having to duplicate posts on different accounts and directing more people back to it.

What do your customers think about your service. Nothing is more reassuring when buying a product than to see what others are saying about it. However unlike with Amazon, Audible and the like, you are in control of what gets posted and be selective over what content is published.

Where are you?
How should you be contacted? A spam-protected simple to use contact form is usually a must.

Listings and directories
You may have existing entries or listings on local business directories which provides some of the above information. This is great and should be continued, but make sure that your entry includes a link back to your website. Now you will be driving more traffic to your site and will have an advantage over similar businesses whose listing do not include website links.

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