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Do I need a website?

Does an SME or growing business need a good website to succeed in business?

Attracting enough customers?
If you already have a successful business that is meeting your growth targets and is attracting enough new customers through existing marketing then you may not feel that you need a website.

However consider that the use of the internet is increasing exponentially and that the fastest growing sector is that of the 50s+ who also have the highest disposable income. People no longer reach for the Yellow Pages to find a service as they are more likely to ‘google’ it on their tablet or smart phone. Then, when they find competing services they will naturally be attracted to the ones with the most appealing and informative websites.

Even when people hear of you through word-of-mouth recommendations they could look for your website first before contacting you. An investment in a website should show that you are committed to your business and demonstrate the quality of your service. It should be a considered first point of contact that instills confidence in your business and demonstrates your capability.

Marketing platform
Fivepilchard - SME and small business websitesA website is a marketing platform that is always available to your existing customers and potential customers alike, and once the initial investment is completed, then it is likely that your annual hosting costs will be be considerably cheaper than other advertising media.

The longer you have a website that you use as part of your business strategy, then the better that website should perform in search ranking ready for the days when you need more than just word of mouth to spread the word. So even if you don’t need one now it makes sense to have one and it doesn’t have to cost the earth!

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