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WP Artist workflow

Art fair work flow

Three work states
Draft – Artist that have applied to show and after selection remaining artists.
Pending – Artists selected for the next show (This is to that next show’s artists can be held while the current show’s artists are still displaying on the website, acting now as content and an advert for the next show.
Published – Artists appearing on the site.

Notification of new applicants is by email.
Clicking on the link will bring up the artist’s details (Need to be logged in).

Click the Pending button at the bottom to select the applicant for the show or leave as draft (this can be toggled between draft and pending). The artist’s name will transfer from the r/h (draft) list to the l/h (pending) list. This is for your own internal management of successful candidates. The website will still display the last show’s artists for the moment.

When you have selected and made pending your draft artists it’s changeover time

To clean out for the next show.

In the back end click on Artists in the dashboard.

There will now be a mixture of Published, Pending and Draft artists.
To clean out we need to select all of the published artists and delete them. To do this use the text filters at the top of the box that look like this: (All (105) Published (50) Pending (55) Din (0) for example. By Clicking on Published text this will then only display those in the published state and can then be selected (either all or individually)

Now we have pending and draft.
The pending will now become the new published artists.
To do this:
Click on Artists in the dashboard.
Select (tick box beside each entry) about 10 pending artists at a time (this is to keep it manageable).
At the top is a drop down saying Bulk Actions. Select Edit then next to this is a grey button for Apply. Click this to go to a new screen.
The new screen bit appears with the selected artists in a box. To the right of this is a drop down saying No Change – select Published here and click Update (bottom right side of panel) or Cancel on the other side.

This will batch/bulk convert a number of artists into the published state on the site in one go.

Alternatively they can be done individually if this is necessary.

When removed artists are no longer need in the bin, this can be manually emptied and the records will be deleted. This process also Unattaches the images in the media file making them easier to identify for deletion.

To clean up the Media library for previous artists’ work (this can use a lot of disk space) Filter out the unattached files/images and delete them. Care is need here.

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Updated Oct 2017

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