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WP Exporting

WordPress – Transferring a site

Export and importing a WP site to a different server

Create new WordPress website on the server (This will be the live site)
Creating WordPress site on the server:
Server control panel- Add new website – Domain name (type in) next Select Linux – default there after.
Install application – add WordPress. Leave defaults.
Note new user ( password is newinstall ).

Log in to new website in browser, create proper new user (administrator)
Log out and log in with new user. Remove old user.

Install WP Migrate db (delicious brains) plugin and open this and it will tell you system path.
e.g. Path: /var/sites/n/xxx.domain.com/public_html

On the Original site (Dev site)
Open Migrate DB to export the DB
Replace two fields:
New domain field will change to be the live domain (eg //xxx.domain.com > //newdomain.com)
System path to change to new information path found above.(e.g. Path: /var/sites/n/xxx.domain.com/public_html)
Export the DB.
(Make a note of the DB prefix as it copies the tables (e.g. kdg9_ ) In Migrate DB click “Show tables”.)

NOTE: Or (to find out the table prefix) Open 7 Zip (free GZ compression software)
Open your sql.gz file from within then select File/Open archive, then when that has opened click File/Open outside – file should then open in Notepad++ or editor.

Checklist so far:
Domain changed
Path changed
Prefix noted.

Create an FTP account using the host site control panel (where the site is). Could be FTP accounts, add a new one make a note of the details for setting up filezilla to access this. Password as well.

Set up ftp connection using details above and filezilla.
Access the Public folder on the server (where the site is), looking for wp-config.php on the root of this folder.
(file permission on wp-config could be on so it accepts the changes – right click on file and change from XXX to 622 (or write, write, write) which means writable)
Inside wp-config.php change the db table file prefix to match that of the database found out earlier.

Also inside wp-config.php is what the db username is, db password and host name IP address – needed to access PHPMyAdmin.

Back to Host’s control panel find MySQl databases looking for PHPMyAdmin (blue tab on TSO)
Click on PHPMyAdmin.
Username and password of the DB from wp-config file. Also select the correct DB from the drop down list (IP address also from wp-config)look for the correct server (e.g. DB_HOST in wp-config.php and could be an IP address)
DB_USER name (wp-config.php) and the password enter these into PHPMyadmin and go.

Now in PHPMyAdmin.
Select server name in left column: DB_NAME (wp-config.php)
List of tables appear: click on import tab to import the new DB file.
New list of tables will appear. Can delete the old and drop (delete).
Go to new site, you will probably be logged out because the user details will have changed with the new DB.
Log back in with the original site user.

Next ftp/copy the new wp-content folder (the real one) of the original WP site, renaming the existing to _old.

In the new site may need to activate plugins again and the correct theme fp-bone.
Check site.

If links are not working then go to Settings/Permalinks and change to custom.
Check that forms email out.

Fivepilchard Team fp_logo_green

Updated Sept 2017

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