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Gobe DSLR Filter

A new GOBE neutral density filter has just arrived and first impressions are very good. We’re not pro photographers here at Fivepilchard but we do value decent glass and this looks like it will fit the bill.

The packaging is a breath of fresh air too, clean and clear with a natural feel that makes you feel like you are looking after the planet. Even more rugged protection for the precious filter inside, all reassuringly positive for a very reasonable cost.

This one is a variable Neutral density filter ranging from 0 to about 8 stops with as little interference to the sharpness and colour range as possible. Perfect for longer exposures in bright conditions or bulb for special effects. Designed in Australia and made with Japanese optic glass, the construction is comfortingly solid and the mechanism on the variable is perfect.

We’ll add an update when we’ve had a proper shoot with it.

GOBE are here and also on Amazon.

08 February 2017
Gobe Filters

Gobe filters