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Remembering David Bowie

We were there, 5th August 1990, in the Milton Keynes bowl where David Bowie and band played through all of his classics to date.

Those songs, sneaking their way in to our subconscious, had become the soundtrack to our lives. It was very moving then, but nothing quite like remembering it again now.

Perfectly performed in a natural open grass bowl (some said a little too well performed…) feeling more like a festival than a gig with a delightful carnivalesque atmosphere. As any farewell greatest hits collection concert goes, the Sound & Vision Tour was like a very special excursion through our history and saying goodbye to all of those great songs (but not for me I might add).

Driving home after, coupled with shared memories of this landmark day, I knew this was a very special time. I’ll always remember that poignant presence, that incredible life force and the experience so far reaching that there’s no doubt it will stay forever.

A true artist of our era.

“Waiting for the gift of sound and vision…”
David Bowie 1947-2016
Lyric from Sound and Vision – Low – 1977

10 January 2017
David Bowie - Low

David Bowie - Low