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Google 360 Tours

Embedding the Google 360 Tour code


1 Find your 360 tour window in Google maps, go through the tour and stay on a view that you’d like the tour to start from.

2 In the left hand corner (maybe in full screen view) you should see a grey panel with a print and link symbol.

3 Click on the link symbol.

4 A window will pop up. In here you will find a URL that you can copy and paste to share into emails or via Social Media.

5 Also in the window and below is the code/script to ‘Paste HTML to embed in website’.

And this should then pull the 360 tour into an iframe onto the page on your website.

Example Google 360 Tour from Bottega Dei Sapori

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Updated Jan 2017

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Google 360 tour embed

Google 360 tour embed screen