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Scout and SASS

Scout is a brilliant utility/environment for compiling SASS into CSS without having to deal with Ruby and other gem like pieces of software. Scout is basically the front end for Compass which is a CSS authoring framework – more information on this can be found on their website here. Scout uses Adobe Air to execute this.

Running Scout does make using SASS a lot easier once you have found your files and set it all up. What is a pain though is when you update your local version of Java. Scout will throw up an error and stop working. Tracking this down can be a little tricky as the error message doesn’t tell you much.

The error:

ArgumentError: Error #3214

Find the javascript file (below) on your computer and change the path to to find the new version of Java. This can be found out by going here C:\Program Files\Java\jre.8.0_111 the name of the folder is the version number.

In the SCOUT application C:\Program Files(x86)\Scout\javascripts\app\process_interaction.js
Open it in a text editor (like Notepad++) it may also need to be in Administrator mode to be able to save the file.

Look for this section (around line 100):

function javaDir() {
if(air.Capabilities.os.match(/Windows/)) {
path = air.File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath(“C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jre1.8.0_66\\bin\\java.exe”);
path = air.File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath(“C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Java\\jre1.8.0_66\\bin\\java.exe”);
path = air.File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath(“C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jre6\\bin\\java.exe”);
return path;
} else {
return air.File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath(“/usr/bin/java”);

The version number of Java (e.g. jre1.8.0_66) needs to be updated in the code.

Save the file (probably in administrator’s mode) and Scout should now work again.

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Updated Jan 2017

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Scout error from Java update - fivepilchard

Scout error from Java update