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Twitter feeds

Twitter have updated their embed system (from 2016) and it now has some slightly confusing choices. We love Twitter though and its ease of publishing small quick updates can be both informing on a marketing level and interesting for users and SEO alike.

A Twitter feed is a great way to start making your website have some activity, we recommend adding your own news stories too but your feed should now also be SEO friendly so this all helps.

1 Go to Twitter. (https://twitter.com/.)

2 Log into your account (you can create widgets for other Twitter handles from your own account).

3 We are now going to create the widget. Top right of screen will be your avatar. Clicking on this will show a menu, select Settings.

4 Screen refreshes, now from the panel on the left select Widgets.

5 Click the Create New button on the main screen and select List (To be honest I ‘m not entirely sure what the difference is here as there is limited documentation explaining the difference between the choices. I do know that a search will provide a feed that displays all tweets mentioning you, not just your own tweets and this could contain unsolicited items so watch out!)
Also try customising the size using the link to the max width and height required.

6 Type in the name and choose type and get the code.

7 Paste this into your template to finish.

Example live Fivepilchard Twitter feed

Fivepilchard Team fp_logo_green

Updated Jan 2017

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Embedding a Twitter feed

Embedding a Twitter feed

fivepilchard - Select type of feed required

Select type of feed required

fivepilchard - Select Widgets

Select Widgets

fivepilchard - twitter feed

Fill in the details