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Welcome to our
CMS Centre
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WP CMS Admin side

WP CMS Admin side

We believe that the WordPress CMS is one of the nicest looking and easiest systems to use currently available in the market.

We are experts in the WordPress set up so we can offer a very thorough service via this particular PHP driven interface.

WordPress uses an admin view of the site that has a back end approach where you see a dashboard of facilities and areas to access. A bit like a toolbox where we set up all of the jobs you have requested and now you have the tools to perform those tasks. It’s easy to get started and you can get as much involved as your interest takes you, editing content is the main task and very straight forward. You can add pages, images, galleries, movies, slideshows, news stories… the list is pretty long.

We’ll also be populating the CMS Centre with our reference instruction guides on best practices and how to use the WordPress CMS. Hopefully it will be an essential resource for our clients to find out more about getting the most out of their site and keeping them up to date with that rich new content.

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