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CMS Pages – new [08]

New Pages – adding Instructions

Easy Guide 2 Adding new pages

1 Click on Pages in the dashboard (Left hand side)

2 At the top of the page it will say Pages and an Add New button. Click this to add a new page.

3 Next you get a page with blank areas.

4 Fill in the title of the page eg “About Us”.

5 Add some content to the content area.

6 Add Media (this will allow you to upload or select a media item (pic, pdf etc.) from the site’s media folder and insert it into the content area of the page. You may need to upload the media from your computer.

Or you can use the Featured image panel in the right hand side. This will automatically insert the media file into a new right hand column. This can be removed in the same way if the result is not as expected. See below.

7 This time to save you click the blue Publish button.

8 Below the Publish button is a panel called Page Attributes. Here you can select the parent to position the new page correctly in the site’s hierarchy or paths. (eg About Us/About Peter – where the new page is to sit under the about us section)

9 The templates selections are dependent on the site’s requirements, for most inside pages this can be left as “default”. The home page is usually 1 column and the content pages are 2 col of which the sub-nav will appear in the left column. If different templates are required then these can be developed and will then be selectable from here.

10 The next panel is for Featured images and this may be set up to put media in a specific area of the page using the template. Use this for news stories but add media to the content via the top button of other pages as stated above.

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Updated Jan 2017

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