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CMS Adding Policy Documents

Adding Policies Instructions

Log in to your website and navigate to the dashboard/admin view ( black and grey panels)

First part (adding documents/files to be downloaded):
1 Select Downloads from the left panel.
2 Click Add New
3 Fill in the details for the uploaded document/pdf (Title, description etc)
4 Then below the content panel is another panel which says Downloadable Files/version. Click the Add file button to upload the file from your computer.
5 Make a note of the ID on this page from the top right hand panel for Download information. (ID 656 e.g.)
6 Select a category of where to store this document.
7 Use the custom fields panel to add extra information to the file’s meta data (expiry date etc.)
8 Then Update/Save/Publish using the blue button in the right column.

Second part (adding Policy pages):
1 Click on Gateway Documents and select Add New
2 Enter the title, Summary and any content required and the relevant subcategory
3 From the Category panel on the right select Policies
4 Add the Download ID of the document you uploaded earlier to link to it in the space provided.
5 Add any other relevant details about the reviewer in the spaces below.
6 click Update/Save/Publish blue button to put the page live.
7 Navigate to your new page to check and test the link to the document works.

Adding Policy Second Level Categories
1 Select Document Categories from the Gateway Documents menu
2 Enter the Name of the category in the Name box (the slug box can be ignored)
3 Select the Parent Category from the drop-down (the parent category should be a direct child of Policies ie At the Clinical Governance level)
4 Click the Add New Document Categories button

Renaming Top level Policy categories
Top level (ie Clinical Governance) categories may be renamed.
1 Edit the category by hovering the mouse over it.
2 Enter a new name in the Name box.
3 Click the Update button.
Please don’t change the name of the slug.

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Updated March 2018

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