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SlideShows Instructions

SlideShows – Stefan Boonstra (2016)

1 Create the slide show first.
We are using a plugin called Slideshows which can be found on the left in the dashboard.
2 Click on “Slideshows” and then “Add New” button.
3 Name your slide show so you can identify it later.
4 Right hand column in Slide list – Insert – “Image slide”. Click on this to add images.
5 This will take you to the “Media Folder” where you can select or upload.
6 Select as with the gallery and click “select” (bottom right) when finished.
7 The selected images will have been added to your slide show.

There are lots of setting here and you can experiment with them but here are some tips:
Animations settings are self explanatory and you decide how you want it to work.
Leave the rest as it is initially.

8 When happy click “Publish” right hand side blue button (publishing the slide show)

9 In the middle of the slide show page is a box called Information. In here is your “[slug]” which you could copy and paste on to your page. Slug = [ slideshow_deploy id=’874′ ]

10 Alternatively we can call it from the page:
Go to your page.

Button next to add media “Insert Slideshow” – click this.

In the new window select your Slide show from the drop down list and then click on “Insert Slideshow” button.

This will insert the slideshow [slug] for you on to the page.

Copy and paste to move this around on the page to its correct location.

When finished click on Update page button .
View the results.

To Re-Edit the Slide show
Select Slideshows from the left dashboard.
Click on the relevant slide show in the list.
Edit/Add/Delete photos as required. Or change settings and re save “Update” button on right.
View the results again.

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Updated Jan 2017

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