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CMS Adding a News Post

Adding a News Story (single post)

Basic WordPress function

Adding a News Post

1 Log in www.your-url.com/access this will be different for each site for security reasons.
This will take you to a login panel where you put in your username and password.

2 When logged into the admin part of the website (the back end) you will see a black dashboard on the left. This is where the main components of the website can be accessed. (Components: slideshow, posts, pages etc)

3 Find posts in the left hand dashboard and click. This will bring up a page that has a list of all of your news posts.

4 To make a new post click the Add New button.

5 This is a new post page. Add a headline into the title panel, this is your headline for the post.
Then write some content into text area.

6 In the right hand side of the page select and check the NEWS category.

7 To add a thumbnail image click on the featured image panel below the category panel. This will give you access to the media library (your uploaded and stored images) or upload a new file from your computer.
Click insert and the image will be place in the post.

8 Select Publish button to save.

9 View the post on the site to check that it is correct.

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Updated Jun 2017

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