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CMS FP User Blocker

Bespoke User Blocking System Instructions

Developed by Fivepilchard

Log in to your website and navigate to the dashboard/admin view (Black and grey panels).

In the left hand panel click on Users and wait for screen to refresh.
This is a list of the site’s users.
By selecting a Subscriber from the list the next screen is their profile and on scroling down you will see a section like the screen here. (click on the image for a larger view).

Subscribers should be in the list already.
Note: Admins cannot be blocked.

1. Find and click on the User – Subscriber profile from the list (username and name).
Scroll down the new screen until you find the Block User (Time Ranges) section. (see the attached screen shot).
Enter the number of time ranges required per day here (1) (Default is two and max is five).
2. Under each day enter the start time (2) and finish (3) times going across the page for each range.
3. Checking box (4) to block the user completely. This is a temporary state and when unchecked the user has access reinstated. Any previously setup time ranges will be preserved during this blocking state.
4. Add a generic or personalised message (5) for when blocked, this appears on the login screen.
5. Lastly, click Update User (6) button at bottom of screen to save changes.

When in a blocking time range, the current user will be logged off when they refresh or move to another page.

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Updated Mar 2018

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