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CMS TablePress [04]

TablePress Instructions

TablePress – Tobias Bäthge (2016)

1 Login to the admin view.

2 On the left is a link to TablePress ( This is where you create a table to be placed on the page. This is also where you go to edit or delete the tables that have been created.

3 There are two links under the heading (or tabs on the top) – All tables – to locate a table or Add new table:
4 Add new to create a new table.

5 Give it a meaningful name (so it can be identified later)

6 Then fill in or estimate the number of rows and columns required. Place the numbers and press Add Table. (You will still be able to add or delete rows and columns after)

7 When that’s finished you’ll see a page with your information in a panel and below this another panel with the cells of the table like a spreadsheet.

The content can be entered into the cells here.

(Be careful with the table manipulation panel as table code is notoriously easy to get in a mess!)

To add a picture, select the destination cell in the table, then use the table manipulation panel and insert image. This will take you to the media library where an image can be added or upload as usual. (This may take a moment to load initially – because of the large files)
Select an image and click Insert into table (bottom right).

8 When finished, save changes at bottom of page.

Now navigate to the destination page.
There is now a button called Table above the content panel on the page. Click this, find the relevant table and Insert Shortcode. This will put the table “slug” on the page positioned where the table is required.

Save and view the page.

To Edit go back into the TablePress, find the table, open and adjust as required.

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Updated Jan 2017

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