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CMS News Posts [07]

News Posts

Using a homepage made of multiple post areas (ACFs)
Adding News stories, Categories and using ACF to position posts in certain areas on the homepage.

Using custom post areas on the homepage

Stratford School website – Using custom post areas on the homepage

Some clients have homepages that can post stories to different specific areas on their homepage. For example, latest news, important news and general notes.

1 News stories are called posts and these are self contained content and do not show up as pages.
To make a new post/new story > Click on Posts on the dashboard and you will see a table of existing news stories (posts). There is a button above to “Add New”. On the new post fill in the heading and content (you can add images here if you wish too) To add an image/thumbnail to the story, use the Featured Images panel at the bottom right.

2 The Next stage is important for telling the system where to display the post.
On the right hand side there is a panel called Categories which displays the pre assigned areas on the homepage. Select one of these categories/areas and click publish/update button (also situated in the right hand panel but towards the top).

Categories are named:

– latest news panel left on the homepage
GENERAL – General panel bottom on the homepage
IMPORTANT – The important panel beneath the slider on the homepage
WHAT’S NEW – The what’s new panel centre on homepage.

CONTENT – combined with a TAGS (Resources, recruitment etc) will target dynamic content elsewhere around the site that has already been set up – by us – as required for this purpose.

Note ALL POSTS need to be categorised as NEWS first then so that they appear in the news archive page, if this is not required then un-check this category. If a post is not categorised it will automatically be assigned to NEWS.

Click the publish button to save on the right side and your news story will automatically appear on the homepage and the news index.

Please familiarise yourself with adding posts with featured images (Media will be uploaded to the MEDIA library which is where all uploaded media files are stored (photos, pdfs and movies – try not to upload oversized – original high resolution files as this will inevitably use up precious disc space and can slow your site down while refreshing large images).

Then try making new posts and adding content to these. Use the editing tools to style.

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Updated Jan 2017

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