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CMS Native Gallery [06]

Native gallery

The way WordPress (WP) works with these objects (galleries, slideshows etc) is that you have create the item first and then you add it to the page using the system or manually pasting a “[slug]” (that looks like this ) This is a WP link to the object you have made)

Creating a gallery:
1 Create or go to the page that the gallery will appear on.
2 Click “Add Media” button.
3 Top left is a link “Create Gallery” – click this.
4 Select images or upload new.
5 Bottom right – “Create a new gallery” button – click this when finished.
6 Next view is your selected images and gallery settings in the right hand panel.

  • Link to : select “Media file “ for images to open up into the lightbox view.
  • Random order (as it says)
  • Columns and Size : Depending on your images and layout you may need to play with this. If the images do not have enough room (too large or too many columns) then it will adjust to accommodate without breaking, but the result may be different to what you had in mind. If so try adjusting the no. of columns or size to get the desired effect.
  • Bottom right “Insert Gallery” this will put the “[ slug ]“ in position on the page.
  • TEXT mode (tab top right) – e.g [ gallery link=”file” size=”full” ids=”815,809,747,804″ ]
  • VISUAL mode (photos in position)
  • 7 “Update” page (saving)
    8 View the result on the site

    To Re-Edit a gallery:
    In VISUAL mode click on a photo in the relevant gallery. A pencil (Edit) and cross (delete) wil appear. Click on the pencil to edit.
    This will take you back to you gallery settings page where you can: edit photos, add/delete photos and change the settings. When finished click on “Update gallery” button and also save the page as well “Update”.

    We have modified this built-in gallery mechanism to be responsive and flexible.
    A second mechanism then handles the lightbox viewer (Note: this will also automatically scroll through all of the images on the page regardless of which gallery.

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    Updated Jan 2017

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