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CMS Envira Gallery [02]

Envira Gallery Instructions

Envira Gallery – Thomas Griffin

Creating a Gallery
Log in to the admin side.

1 Find Envira Gallery on the dashboard (left dark panel)

2 Click Add New button
3 Enter a Title so that you can identify it in the list (this doesn’t show)

4 Drop files here panel:
Button 1: To upload new photos from your computer
Button 2: To find previously uploaded photos in the media folder.

5 Selected and add photos.
(If these are large files, that haven’t been reduced in size as recommended to 1000 x 1000 px for instance, then the gallery will be slow to load and use).

6 Beneath the loading panel are some vertical tabs:
Config (second one down) Can be set up: Number of items to 6, theme is base, gutter and margin are ok at 10px, images size default, image dimension to 100 x 100 px and select to crop.
You can play with these settings.

7 When finished click green Published button

8 Page refreshes and the panel beneath will show a “slug” like this:
[ envira-gallery id="1719" ]

9 Click on the clipboard icon to copy it.

10 Navigate to the page where you want the gallery and paste this in.
Add any Text around as required, save and view.

Envira Galleries

Envira Galleries

To Edit a gallery
In the admin screen find Envira Gallery in the left navigation and click through.
The next screen will show you the galleries already made. If it has been named properly you should be able to identify the one you need to edit. (name and a “slug” value)

1 Click the title.

2 The next screen will show you the pictures used and this is where you can perform your edits (delete, replace etc.)

3 Update button to save and then view the corrected gallery on the site to check the edit were successful.

Example gallery:

Fivepilchard Team fp_logo_green

Updated Jan 2017

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